Christopher Harkins
Proud Contributor of
Inked Girls, Xpressions, Femme Rebelle,
Internationally Published portrait and editorial photographer​
for: Pin Up, Tattoo, Rockabilly, Vintage, Alternative, 


Each Package Contains A Wide Range Of  Services
Shooting Urban Photography in locations which are covered in beautiful graffiti by world renowned Graffiti artists, with amazing historic architecture. Give your brand the edge by booking in your urban shoot today.

Pinup photo-shoots are about embracing female strength, power and independence, while showcasing your individual creative expression. Shooting with or without props, Hot-rods or Colour studio backdrops we can make you look & feel your very best. 
   Celebrate your hard work and determination and book a sports Photo-shoot, let us enhance your body and muscle definition with deep shadows and lighting that will show everybody just how amazing your fitness transformation really is.
Boudoir Photography is all about making you feel confident and powerful and it is also the perfect gift for that someone very special in your life.
Our State of the art Studio is equipped for handling small, medium and large products. Your Products can be photographed against a variety of backdrops from Black to White or gradients, with reflection, shadows or professionally deep-etched.
Commercial Branding is a big draw card for your viewers to see what your company is all about. Book us and start giving your brand a new look with eye catching photography that will draw in your target audiance​.
  1. "Chris is an incredible photographer, he's extremely professional and has the whole shoot planned out and organised before you arrive, down to every small detail. He makes sure he gets ur best angle & works efficiently. His talent with natural effects and lighting is amazing, simply a work of art. Absolutely love working with him, will highly recommend chris to everyone! Your images will be priceless!
    Analiese Jayne
  2. "Christopher was wonderful! First time doing a shoot like this and he made me feel very comfortable. He always had me, and my fiancé in mind the whole time, and the shots are just amazing! My fiancé fell in love with every one of them. Thank you Chris!"
    Josephine Adeline
  3. "He is incredibly skilled, knowledgeable and passionate about his work and those he is working with. I have been privileged in working with Chris across a number of different styles and his imagination and motivation is contagious. I would absolutely recommend Chris to anyone and because of Chris I have been scouted for modelling agency, noticed by fitness apparel companies and developed my social media page. I would highly recommend him for your shoot.”
    Jess Jeynes
  4. Working with Chris was an absolute pleasure. His artistic ability compliments his subjects in a way that sets the scene for the entire shoot. Although Chris is flexible in his approach to his work, his high level of skill set and a keen eye for detail allows him to capture that winning image every time. As a model I felt very comfortable working with him and appreciated the time he took with bouncing ideas off of our entire team. Chris has this carefree, happy attitude that shines through his work.
    Aleigha Manski
  5. Amazing photographer & person to work with. Made me feel so comfortable and never an awkward or silent moment. Love his attention to detail and getting that perfect shot no matter how many times it takes. Would 100% recommend Chris to anyone who wants to feel safe and comfortable and get amazing shots back! Chris got me my first publish in a magazine and I wouldn't be more proud he was my photographer!
    Binni Lee
  6. Christopher is a fabulous photographer to work with. He is organised but both easy going and polite, making it very easy for models to feel comfortable. My experiences working with Christopher have been fantastic.
    Lucy Luxe
  7. Christopher is very professional and extremely talented at what he does. I couldn't recommend him highly enough!
    Sapphire Siren
  8. I've had the pleasure working with Chris a few times and he continues to amaze me more each and every time. Such a fun, professional, down to earth person. His an outstanding photographer! Fantastic at what he does. I highly recommend him.
    Jazmin Johnson
  9. Chris is an amazing photographer who's very down to earth and a friendly happy guy who'll make you feel comfortable in your own skin, while bringing out your best qualities naturally. He understand clients needs and thinks outside the box to create some truly unique shots. He continues to amaze me with his high quality compositions, lighting and shadowing techniques and I'd very highly recommend Chris for any of your photography needs.
    Imran Besic